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Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends

The list below includes seven trends from a Houzz survey followed by three form the kitchen designers and homeowner’s who have recently wrapped by a kitchen renovation.

Here’s what HOT:

“What a consumer looks at, even if they don’t cook, is it looks cool,” Houzz said.

Double ovens garnered 18 percent. Other high-end features such as induction cooktops, wine refrigerators and convection ovens seemed to matter less. Only 4 percent considered warming drawers a priority.

While a variety of Energy Star- recommended appliances and green-certified building materials are on the market, eco-friendly changes also can be as simple as using cloth rather than paper towels, replacing plastic containers with glass, or using non-toxic cleaners, Houzz contributors note.

Quartz countertops are resistant to stains and scratches and are easy to take care of kitchen designers say. “They’re pretty bulletproof,” Mike Close, president of Spinnaker Development in Newport Beach, which designs, builds and remodels custom homes.

David and Apryl Imboden went with Caesarstone, a quartz product, for the countertops as part of an extensive kitchen remodel on an Orange, California, house they bought last June. “With granite you’ve got to seal it and take care of it and can’t put certain things on the countertops.” David Imboden said. “I just wanted a countertop that you don’t have to think about.”

Kristie Christy, however, chose marble for her island top when she remodeled her kitchen last summer. “I like the veining in the marble,” she said. “I just love the clean look. It’s a little care. I had a couple of people say, ‘Don’t do it!’ But I did and I love it.”

David Imboden, said he found the backsplash the toughest decision of all. “There’s just so many choices,” he said. “The backsplash probably dates you kitchen more than anything.”

“A kitchen has to large enough for an island,” Nassetta said. “If you squeeze one in and it’s not the right width or too tight, the client won’t be happy in the end. If your constantly walking around an island just to have one…it won’t be right.”

David Imboden did much of the remodeling himself on his 300-square foot kitchen, complete with breakfast nook. He consulted  designer, but in the end Imboden realized that an island wasn’t the way to go. “It really didn’t fit right,” he said. “It would of blocked the nook.”kitchen

“They – the clients- say, ‘I want my kitchen to be light and bright.” Close said

“If you put in a classic white kitchen, very few people don’t like that. Grey is also really hot. It has been for the past couple of years and it’s still trending that way.” Houzz said.

The takeaway from all this?

People really want easy, clean, unfussy kitchens.








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