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Most people have to purchase 2-3 roofs in their lifetime. It would be good to learn the “language” of roofing. It can be especially helpful when discussing your current roof issues with a contractor.  It will be helpful when reviewing a roofing estimate.

Aluminized Steel: Sheet steel with a thin aluminum coating on the surface to enhance the steel’s ability to withstand weathering.

Aluminum: A non-rusting metal used in roofing for metal roofing and the fabrication of gutter and flashing.

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Decking: The surface, usually plywood or oriented strand board.

Dormer:  A small structure projecting from a sloped roof, usually with a window. It is often used in attics to add light and a pleasing design to the house.

Drip Edge: An L-shaped strip (usually metal) installed along roof edges to allow water to run off the drip clear of the deck, eaves and siding.

Eaves: The lower edge of a roof (usually overhanging beyond the edge of the house).

Fascia: Trim board behind the gutter and eaves.

 Felt: The “tar paper” used by roofers, usually made of a combination of asphalt and either paper or rags.

Fire Rating: System for classifying the fire resistances of various materials. Roofing materials are rated Class A, B or C, with Class A materials having the highest resistance to fire originating outside the structure.

Flashing: Sheet metal or other material used at the junctions of different planes on a roof. Flashing is used to prevent the seepage of water around any intersection or projection in a roof, such as vent pipes, chimneys, valleys, and the joints at vertical walls.

Frieze Board: A board at the top of the house’s siding, forming a corner with the soffit.

Gable: The triangular shaped part of the end of a building underneath the roof and above the main part of the house.

Galvanized Steel: Steel that is coated with zinc to aid in corrosion resistance.

The Winter Roofing & Remodeling staff is trained in speedy installation of composite, asphalt, shake, tile and metal roofing systems.

Gutter: A channel (usually sheet metal) installed along the down slope perimeter of a roof to convey  runoff water from the roof to the downspouts.

Hip: The external angle at the junction of two sides of a roof whose supporting walls adjoin. The external angle at the junction of its two sides is known as the hip.

Joist: In a flat roof, a horizontal structural member over which sheathing is being nailed.

Louvers: The slatted devices that are installed in a gable or soffit in order to ventilate and equalize air temperature under the rood deck.

Membrane: The portion of the roofing system that serves as the waterproofing material.



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